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Cathrédale Notre Dame de Paris, France

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“Notre Dame de Paris or just Notre Dame, is a historic religious cathedral, on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France. Some say it is possibly the most famous of cathedrals.” -wikipedia

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And of course I went there! 🙂

photo 1

It was not hard to look for this famous church even though Paris is full of famous buildings. We just followed the tower which we can view it from quite a distance. Since it was located near Seine river, 6 Parvis Notre-Dame – Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France, it would almost possible for someone to miss it.

It was  a hot summer afternoon in Paris. We were astonished by the appearance form a distance. So when we knew that we could enter it, we had no doubt to queu. Even though… errr… it was a very very long queu to enter a church, i would say.

There was a Charmalange or Camerlengo (?) statue nearby. It caught my attention of course, I love sculptures very much. However, I decided not to spend a lot of time admiring it since I had to line up to enter the church. Everything was almost like in Jakarta. No specific line to queu. It was confusing. Especially those groups of tourists speaking in foreign languages, I want to slap them all and arranged them in order. hahaha… this other side of being a teacher, always want everything in order or as what I want it to be. :p

photo 3The church was amazing. We did not hire any tour guide from the church so we could not understand everything inside. I understood that there were some caskets of pastors or saints inside? Were they real? ugh. maybe we should pay one of those tour guides…

There were a lot of statues inside as well. And for each statue, they put some candles where you could pay 2 euros for the small one or 5 euros for the big one and pray there. The money will go to support the maintenance of the church. So it was for a good cause.

Well, I am not chatolic even though I was raised in a Chatolic school. So, I was not used to do this kind of prayers. I was not familiar with most of them as well. Except, Mother Mary, of course! But then I saw Theresa. My sister and I were smiling. I went to St. Theresa Primary School in my distric. I felt the urge to buy one of these candles and light it in front of her. I always wanted to light this candle. I watched this act all the time in TV. hahaha… I bought the small one, light it up and put it in front of the statue. And I did not want to do. I felt it was not right to pray for a statue. It lamost felt like worshipping it. Oh well. I just stayed for a while. Thinking about God.

photo 2

After walking around the santuary, I went to the sanctuary. I did not understand some of the signs displayed. I almost sure that I should not be in the sanctuary. But I entered it anyway. Well here, I did sit down and pray. I imagined how majestic this place was when people really came to sing and worship God. It was spacious and glorious.

The altar was at the further end. Of course we could not enter, everyone knows that. I could imagine the long chatolic mass on Sundays. People were taking pictures, including my sister and me. It was so difficult to capture the beauty let alone the feeling being inside this church.

There were some staircases to go up to balcony, towers and some other rooms. I instantly thought about one of Disney’s movie, Hunchback of Notre Dame. 😉 He was discribe living in one of these towers. And one of these staircases would also lead me to the famous gargoyle and chimera sculptures on the rooftop.

I did not climb the staircases though. We decided to go out and take another picture before strolling to Paris wonders again. ❤

photo 5

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