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The Louvre, Paris, France

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photo 2Ever since I watched and read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, there’s this lingering feeling to visit The Louvre museum one day. Well, the day has come. And I have never felt like this for ages. I have never  imagine that I would be standing in front of the pyramid of The Louvre in Paris, France. What a dream came true! ❤

It’s not hard to get to this museum. There are signs to get there. Well, to make this settle once and for all, Paris is a very tourist-friendly place. But, even though there are so many tourist attractions in Paris. A place like The Louvre might push you to the limit because of its long (very long) queu. And sometime we just dont get it. We could buy the ticket else where, but where? Is it legal tickets? is it more expensive than the ticket from The Louvre counter?

Well, i’m glad to say. We really could get the tickets elsewehere to avoid the super long queu. The price is still the same and it’s legit! This is one of the “tourist-friendly” thing that I mentioned you ealier. In fact you might even get a discount if you booked the tickets in advance. Now, that’s a good deal, dont you think?

Unfortunately, my hotel did not sell any tickets. So, me and my sister would have to endure the queue. A good practice for any Indonesian. I would say.

photo 2

It was a bright sunny day in Paris. The piazza was packed with tourists. I would opt out on this, if it was not The Louvre. We went inside the museum. Boy, it was a big one!
photo 3

photo 5We decided to enter one of the entrances. Of course the one that would lead us to the one and only, Monalisa. We just could not “just” pass the hallway. Everything was just breathtaking. They put everything, everywhere. It was just WOW.

We entered this room, Galerie D’Apollon. And I was just stunned, the wall, the ceiling, the displays, the sculptures, the everything. I was like a child looking at the rainbow for the first time. We dont have anything like this in Jakarta.

We walked around again and I remembered that one could not walk the entire museum for a day. In fact to properly enjoy every piece of art, it might take months. So, we decided to go for Monalisa. And maybe some others around her.

photo 3

It was interesting that the hallways were divided by age and countries. I learnt a little bit of the differences of style and ideas of each countries. As a novice painter myself, this was an experience worth a million! And this special picture up there, was one of my moments. I forgot. Maybe this was taken in Italian section. Anyhow, the first time I entered this room. I felt being inside The Red Room but instead of Pain, this one is of Paintings. LOL. A picture really does paint a thousand words. 😉

photo 4And here she is!!!! The Monalisa.

Boy… isn’ts she something.

photo 1We entered this room, where lots of people packed in. I looked at my sister. We were not the kind of people who like swarming around something. But, what the hell. It had to do it anyway. So, we queued there. Dragging ourselves closer and closer bit by bit. And when we arrived at the end we could not even see her that close. And she was so tiny.

We waited for people to move aside a little bit and we tried to take photo with her. I was thinking “when did I become one of these trend followers?” hahahaha…. I could not even notice her smile, the broken smile.

Oh well, mission’s accomplished. We moved aside and enjoyed the rest of the view which were most of the time more breathtaking than her, no offense.

It was interesting that there were some staircases, doors, passages which we could not find. They were like hidden somewhere behind something. It was annoying at the same time interesting. It worth the visit! In fact, I would lovveeee to got there again.

photo 1

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