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Disneyland, Paris, France

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“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney


I dream a lot. But never have I dreamt to go to the Dreamland of Disney. It was too extravagant and high-class even for a dream. I guess now I should say that there are no dream as such. Dreams are just dreams. Beautiful and magical.


When we arrived in Paris, me and my sister did not plan to go to Disneyland. It was too mainstream for me and too expensive for my sister. But somehow, we ended up going there after all. Maybe it’s a “Paris-effect” where people got this so-called spending frenzy and spent almost all money there.

IMG_5258It was late when we went there. And it was summertime so we still caught me some queu for the rides. In fact, we just went for three rides. Wow… and spent that much money for the three rides. yaiks.

We went to see Pinnochio house, Peter Pan house and Around the World something. I was so impressed by The Peter Pan ride. It was so enchanting, no wonder it got this “don’t miss it” stamp on the map.

As if we were flying over city on flying pirate boat to go to Wendy’s house. The view was set at night. So it was like flying over London at night with all the lights and buildings. Just wow.  🙂

The story was well narrated. Even someone who were not familiar with the story would get the meaning of the whole ride. So, it was just amazing. Well, it was my first time to visit a Disneyland, so I bet I would say all the rides were amazing.

IMG_5260We saw the Disney’s princesses as they were on the way wrapping the day up. Little girls were running after them to get some pictures. They were really look like a real princess from a fairytale land. ❤

We went home not long after that. It was cold and dark. We were thinking to wait for the bonfire at the closing of the day around 11pm. But we needed to pack up for tomorrow’s trip. So, we called it a day as well.

I took a glimpse look back to the fairy tale castle and strucked by the wonder it created inside me. I remember all those fairy tales movies. All my little-girl dreams were rolling down to my head and I just simply got amazed realizing that I, at this very moment, was in a spot that most people could not afford, yet I was there, really there.

What’s happening in my world?

Where are these blessings coming from?


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