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Have you watched Emma Watson’s UN HeForShe speech on youtube? Or perhaps read one of the articles about it? You should. It’s inviting all the men to join the feminist movement around the world. Because in the end, we all want the same thing. As human, we want equality no matter in what gender we were born with.


Her speech was quoted by one of my lecturers when we had a colloquia session on VET and Gender last Thursday. She said, roughly, Leonardo DiCaprio said something about this prior to Emma and the media talked about what he said. But when it comes with Emma, the media talked about her beauty and how she dressed and put a small note in the end, “and she is well spoken too.” a particular media to be precise.

It is interesting that gender equality does not have to come in a big wow-ing event. But it should be happening in how we respond to things, our way of thinking and this should happen in our everyday lives. Gender equality, as morality, should start through small daily things in life.

But then, I saw this picture on twitter.


I was reading about policy in pornography and all of these just bulking in my mind that i need to put in words.

I have more than enough listening to women complaining on how men see their breasts more than they see their face. Not that I’ve never experience it myself. But I do have to say it, women you should start asking “What’s the Problem?” If those men keep on looking on your breaasts more than your face, maybe there is something wrong. And this photo by 9Gag says it all.

I dare not to call my self as a feminist. But let’s make all this feminism makes sense. Yes, women deserve to feel safe in the public, workplace and at home. But if you are still wearing dresses which arouse the animal instict of your counterpart, then, the question should be asked, are you trying to put a slice of red meat in front of a hungry lion? I dont want to hear anything about, women’s human right to dress as they love to. That’s just bulshit. For what I know, I have never heard any file complained of sexual harrassment from a Nude Beach. Why? Because you are following the norm. Human right should be put rightly.

I, myself, love to wear a low cut V-neck shirt or dresses. I know my assest and sometimes I am using my assest for things that I want, to get male attention, for say. But, I know when I am using it a little too much. Then I’ll grab my scarf and dress appropriately. Do I feel my human right being ripped off by those wild eyes? No. Because I realized that I might have crossed some borders of norm. And I have to readjust myself to follow the norm. I hope I am getting the point quite clear here. I dont mean any harm. I just to make all this feminism makes sense. And I hope you agree with me.


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