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Budget-Waldhotel Unspunnen, Switzerland

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The next country to visit after France was Switzerland. It was a last minute change of a plan hence one day only. What a shame!

We took a train from Gare De Lyon train station as early as 7AM. Thank God that the train station was close to our hotel and that we had been in and out and around that train station. We arrived at Interlaken Ost train station around lunch time. We decided to put my huge bag in the lugage deposit in the station an bring my sister bag to the hotel. It was a wise decision since it was hilly and a bit work out walking from the train station to the hotel.



Budget-Waldhotel Unspunnen

Wagnerenstrasse 15 Bernese Alps (Area)

3800 Switzerland

IMG_5297I have to say despite being a budget place to stay, this hotel/hostel/whatever by far has the best service. We arrived early and they tried their best to get the room ready earlier. I guess they really pay attention to their guests since we were really worn out due to the long train ride and walking.

Information was given immediately. As we were talking with the old lady, her son came and helped us even more. We were given transportation tickets. Apparently, if we are tourists and stay and in one of the hotels there, we have free access for the tranportation, except for taxis. The transportation tickets includes the name and address of our hotel, so if ever we want to take taxi, we could just hand in the ticket to the taxi driver and he will bring us back home. Great idea, Switzerland! 🙂

IMG_5296So, we got information that for the afternoon we are good for Harder Kulm and for tomorrow we should visit the Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe.

It was such a pity that we could not eat our breakfast in the hotel. The view was lovely and the place seemed comfortable. But the trip to Jungfraujoch will start early in the morning.

Thankfully, the owner and her son will provide us with breakfast pack without us mentioning it. We felt so happy. At the very least we had something early in the morning there. He also explained to us how to use the key to enter the hotel lobby tonight and how to open the the door for the next morning. This was new. I had never in my life stay in a hotel where noone works 24h. I guess I should be ready with different cultural facts in Europe. 🙂


Harder Kulm and Jungfraujoch were AMAZING. You could read everything about them in my next posts. Soon, I hope. I would love to visit Switzerland again. This place is so similar of my description of heaven. I love it so much. It was like a dream.


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