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Northern Lights

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Sometimes The Northern Light does not appear as a light. It might appear as a person.


I am not sure that you are going to stumble upon this. But that’s okay. I just feel that you deserve a post on my blog.

You are a God-sent. You have no idea that your presence in that few hours in my life showed me how amazing our God is. May God keeps your flame in serving our Lord burning bright. You are just 21 and there are lots of lots of things will happen. And I pray that none of those things that might happen will dim the light in your eyes. Here are my three things, for the sake of promised-kept:

1. Believe that Jesus Christ died for our sin and rose again and that He will come again to bring us all to live together with Him.

2. Trust that Jesus’ blood is enough as atonement for our past, present and future sins as His way loving us.

3. Surround ourselves with fellow believers who will help us to live for Christ and keep us in the right path.

Yes, I agree to what you said, until we meet again, maybe 9 months from now in Copenhagen or maybe in heaven. It is a happy feeling to know that in the end, we will meet again, for sure.

Thanks for all the fun! 🙂

And the beers and the dance and the swing and the laughter and the shoulder. I miss you!

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