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Interlaken, Switzerland

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Out of so many enchanting city in Switzerland, we chose to visit Intelaken for this trip. And we were glad we did that. Interlaken was a enchantingly beautiful small city.

IMG_5319The train that took us there brought us from Paris to Bern to Interlaken. From Bern to Interlaken, you could see that your surroundings are changing. Especially, when you came nearer, the view of the lake was amazing. The greenish color was eye opening. I had never seen a big like us such. And the white sail of boats made it even prettier.

We decided to stroll alongside the river after we had our Harder Klum experience. The air was fresh and the path was of scenery. I could just spend hours sitting by the river just enjoying the view.

IMG_5321And the stroll brought us to some local shops around town. There were some sales on original Switzerland watches and chocolates, but we felt that we had so much to carry right now. But still I managed to buy a pair of excellent brown boots with a good price. 🙂

It was too bad that we only had a day here. Would love to try the paragliding and the lake sailing or simply enjoying the local cuisine there. Maybe next time, when God permits I would come again…. ❤


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