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Happy Sunday, 19 Oct 2014!

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Today was a very wet day from the time I woke up at 6AM all the way to the time I was back from church at 3PM. I had the sense that everytime I got excited going to church, rain poured down. It was a bit emotional morning for me too. Passing 7/11 at Hellerup St., Nordhavn, Nørrebro lake, and Grace Café was really a crush to my heart. As if I was crying with the sky.

I met the Pastor as soon as I arrived at the church. He knows me and he knows him. He greeted me by name and smiled. One of his lines in his sermon was when you lose a friend, remember that God has something greater in store for you. You are the heir of His promise. He keeps His promises. Amen.

FullSizeRender-2I was blessed. Not everyone has the chance to meet someone who could turn one’s life around. Furthermore knowing that there are more things, things that human mind could not perceive, in store for me in the future brings so much joy. It deserves a celebration. And for that I brought a top notch Danish Pastry from Lagkagehuset across my place.

Happy Sunday everyone. It might be raining cats and dogs too in your place. But let’s remember, it’s always a celebration to be the heir of God’s promises. Stay strong. Keep your faith firm.

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