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Joko Widodo, Indonesian 7th President

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Monday, 20th October 2014 was the day when the 7th president of the third biggest countries in the world took his oath. Joko Widodo, or Jokowi for short, is the new president of Republic of Indonesia 2014-2019.


I am not going to talk about politics here. But I just have to write about him an honor, a reminder, a backtrack, a something that I could look back later at the end of his government, to see whether he is proven true to his words or not.

I chose him over Prabowo because I see him as a different figure. Sometimes, I’m just so againts mainstream. He has no figure of strong, courages and charismatic president-to-be, that I have to admit, everyone has to admit. He is not eloquent in his speech. He speaks soft and slow. Not the kind of man who could bring 260 millions people to believe on his words. He does not even have a good look. He looks mischieveous, Javanese type, who sometimes I assume hiding something under his skin. The only reason I casted my vote to him was becasue he did something. He did a lot of things. He did not say it well, but he surely did everything well.

This is the time for my nation to look up for people who is actually doing something good for the nation. Yes, despite the look, the voice, the appearance, the everything else. We had enough of assholes in our nation. And this new look brought fresh air, New Hope, wrote the Times Magazine.

Bapak President, you are just a person out of 260 million others in our nation. I might not be able to help you at all. But tonight I pray. May God be with you. And when He is, everything will be ok. Amen.

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