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Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

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And our red train arrived. Yay!


IMG_5413Can you see how beautiful it is. The mountains at the back, the Swiss houses on the side and the red train in front of us, what else to ask? ❤

These all screaming for one thing, “Take a picture!!!!!” hehehe… And of course I did.

IMG_5405It was my first 9.5 degrees celcius. The lowest temperature in Jakarta would be 22 degrees celcius on a cold wet night. But with air conditioning, I just to be in a room with 16 degrees celcius. But never below that. Oh wait, I have been to Mount Bromo. It was a place with the lowest temperature for me. But I did not know how low it was. But there’s no snow there. So, this will be my first time… oohh so excited. It’s like a dream came true. The train was so comfortable. Well, most trains here are.  I love red. And just felt that this train was so much special than any other… or maybe because it would take me to the top of Europe.

IMG_5371On the map, there’s a dashed line showing on the route. Apparently, it was when the train went underground inside the belly of the mountains. Ahh.. it was so pity that we could not enjoy the breathtaking view. But at the end of the tunnel, in the belly of the mountain.

Here we were, The Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe.

We went inside and saw lots of interesting things.


The constructor of the Jungraujoch railways statue.

Mr Adolf Guyer-Zeller, thank you! There were a hallway explaining how the contruction took place, the tools they were using and the struggles. Somewhat like a mini museum. He was a man with dreams who put his dreams into mission. And now people are sharing his dreams. The world need more people like you.

Ice Tube and Ice Sculptures


Then, we went to an ice tube. It was a little bit scary for me. I was on a rubber shoes, I was not sure I could walk straight. It looked slippery for me. So thankful for the side railings! It was cold indeed.



In some of allocated spots. There were some ice sculpture displays. There were also ice bench where you could enjoy the view of the ice sculpture while sitting on it. I did not try. It really really looked icy.


And Mr. Sherlock Holmes was there as well. hahaha… 🙂




And of course shops and restaurants. Switzerland is famous for so many branded things, watches and chocolate are just to name the few. And here you could, of course, find them.




There were also some entertainment places. A room with short movie on The Alps. A room with ornaments where peole could take pictures and Obervation deck. We were runnning out of time to observe all that we decided just to go directly to the TOP, to see the snow.

Yes, oh all the snow!!!!


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