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Lauterbrunnen-Kleine Scheidegg, The Alps, Switzerland

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It was the day when we were going to the top of Europe. I was so excited. It would be my first time seeing, touching and feeling the snow. No snow in Indonesia. We took the train from Interlaken to Interlaken Ost to Matten and change in Lauterbrunnen. We bought a package ticket to Jungfraujoch, so all these train tickets are included.


IMG_5345Interlaken is a beautiful city. If I have not said it enough, I’d say it again. But this scenery route was amazing. When me and my sister started to go into the scenic route started in Lauterbrunnen train station, we were stunned. And oh stupid me, I did not take picture. It was a foggy morning. When we alighted from our train, we were speechless. That train station was a painting. It was located between two small mountains maybe hills (?) and we could see the slope of the mountains so close. It was so mistical slope of a mountain, dark green, covered with fog, small houses here and there. Amazing! I bought a cup of tea and just sat there enjoying the view. I could not believe my own eyes. God is an amazing artist.

IMG_5368Our train arrived and we continued our journey. The day was arising leaving the mystical feeling away. Fog were lifted up letting us to enjoy the greenery everywhere. Oh, the swiss houses… they were so lovely. This train we were taking would take us to Kleine Scheidegg. From where we would change to our train to the top of Europe. It was quite a journey. We took the earliest because we needed to catch a flight from Bern in the afternoon. It was just a pity that we did not spend more time in Switzerland….


Here was the second stops of the day. We were waiting for our next train. And we cannot wait. 🙂

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