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The Top of Europe, Switzerland

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Then I went to the observation tower. Get some warm air to let my blood running well all through my veins again before going out to the snow. Yes, the snow! 🙂


IMG_5356So, I was wearing this Wakai shoes. A canvas shoes which were so out of place. But what to do. I stepped in to the snow for the first time in my life. You might say that I am exaggerating things. And maybe I am. So what, this is my blog anyway. Ha!

I was not sure on what to do. So I stood there for a minute, figuring how to walk on this look-so-slippery ground. I saw rope railings on the side, which were not so strong and steady in my opinion. But again, one just had to be grateful for what was there, right?

IMG_5386I walked so slow, feeling the coldness creeping into my toes and fingers and face. Damn, it’s cold!

Then I saw my sister. Well, she used to climb mountains when she was in high school. But she is now in her early 40s. And this is freaking cold. I asked her to took some pictures of course. There was not a chance for me to use my monopod. It was cloudy… well, summer was almost over. I would not complain about that.


I walked a little bit further and further to the end of the rope there, where the blue man was standing. But my sister was no where to be seen. Yes, I did feel the cold all over me right now. But I just had to go there. It was breathtaking view. I love it. Never in my wildest dream that I imagine standing on the top of europe. God is good, too good.






When I walked around and enjoying the snow, I could really feel my blood is drying, my brain is stopping. And horrible pictures came up on my mind. So I left and went back to the observation deck. And we were right on time to catch our train back to Bern.





Apparently, we took another scenic route back down to Interlaken Ost then Bern. Well done, route, now I could say that I circled the Alps! 🙂 Oh… I hope I will have the chance to come here again. And what a sweet goobye, they gave us a small lindt chocolate. Perfect, Switzerland, perfect! ❤



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