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Archive for November 3rd, 2014

Christians should stop being jerks.

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I was provoked by so many social media posts lately. I had been kind through them all. But this time. No.. oh no… you could not post that kind of thing and not think of consequences it brought. And I came to a conclusion, yes, sometimes christians are just bunch of jerks!

Why the conclusion?

Let me walk you to where I’ve been.

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I went to Tivoli last Friday night, 31st October. I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I have to admit, their decorations were amazing. I went there with bunch of friends from the university, my program (MALLL), my sister program (AEG) and some buddies (additional program for both program). Yeah, I know, weird and confusing. So, the point was because this was one of university’s international stuff program, we got everything paid for. So, it’s free! Don’t you love that? Free stuff in expensive Copenhagen. Woohoo.. hahaha.. 🙂

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