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I went to Tivoli last Friday night, 31st October. I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I have to admit, their decorations were amazing. I went there with bunch of friends from the university, my program (MALLL), my sister program (AEG) and some buddies (additional program for both program). Yeah, I know, weird and confusing. So, the point was because this was one of university’s international stuff program, we got everything paid for. So, it’s free! Don’t you love that? Free stuff in expensive Copenhagen. Woohoo.. hahaha.. 🙂

IMG_6575So, we had to wait for some people to come. Then the uni coordinator to count everyone who were there. It was literally like a field trip of grown ups. The multi rides ticket alone cost 179 kroner. And you know what the entrance ticket was not included in the multi rides ticket.

Stupidity in the highest level.

It was like saying: “Yeah, of course, we just want to take all the rides without going into the park.”

What the heck, Denmark?

Sometimes your monetary policies, they just dont make sense at all!

Pity our coordinator, she needed to line up to get our entrance ticket. And it costs another 90 kroners. Now you can do the maths. And yeah, it’s bloody expensive! Oh well, what is not in Denmark, right?

Himmelskibet1-550x360After we got through the bureaucracy of ticketings, we started to feel the fun. The decorations were amazing. And the excitment was all around. Lovely!

The first ride that we decided to try is The Star Flyer. (all descriptions are taken from

With an impressive height of 80 metres, the Star Flyer can call itself one of the highest carousel in Northern Europe. Dare you let yourself go on it? It is a combination of a high-view attraction and a classic swing-carousel, with both the thrill of excitement and the sensation of flying.

It was decorated as a broomstick. So, we were like witches flying the city of Copenhagen casting our spells around. hihihi… very very nice.

Det-gyldne-Taarn1-550x360Then we jumped in the line for The Golden Tower.

Do you like heights, speed and feeling the wind in your hair? Then just try the Golden Tower! Feel the surge under your shirt and wind in your hair, with a fantastic view over the city. At 63 metres, the Golden Tower is one of the highest rides in Tivoli, and is the ultimate toughness test for both genders!

I have to say, this is the 2nd least favourite of all. The feeling when they released the break and let you fall was really bad. I could still feel how I left my heart up there while my body was plummeting. But before I went up, the guy who was checking my seatbelt said to me, “Hej, you have 10seconds up there to kiss your partner up there. 10 seconds and that was it.”… I was like. hahaha… It was Adrian on my left and Fabio on my right and they were not my partners, and of course how could you kiss someone when you got yourself buckled up and 63-m above the ground. At least, that was a good effort to chill my spine.

Daemonen-550x360Of course the roller coaster, The Demon. 

The Demon is without a doubt the ride that causes the most screams of excitement in the whole of the Gardens. This wild ride features three amazing loops and reaches 28 metres at its highest point. 

Oh, I agree with what the web said.

So much said, that this was my 2nd favourite ride of all. It gave you surprise and unpredictable loops. When you were ready for the thrill, it gave you nothing. And when you thought you were good. Man, it spinned you, rotated you and put you on your highest voice.

Vertigo-550x360And… the craziest thing in my life, The Vertigo.

Vertigo is the wildest and fastest ride in Tivoli. Step in as the pilot in your own plane and tighten your seat belt! 100 km/h and 360 degree turns. In Vertigo you feel everything from terrifying thrills to hilarious laughter. Even when the plane turns the cockpit facing directly towards the ground. You experience 5 G in Vertigo, which means acceleration at five times the weight of gravity. You feel as if your body weighs five times its normal weight. Totally crazy.

Excuse me, but “Totally crazy” was really an understatement. When I was queuing, I really questioned my intelligence. What had happened to my logic that I agreed upon something like this. And my defense, as always, if she could do it, then I could as well. Or the famous one, this is once in a lifetime experience. Or the desperate one, well, if I died, I would not die alone. hahahahaaha…. This was by far, the best ride. The experience was beyond words. Funny how when I tried to pull myself together for this ride, my friend, Fabio who sat next to me busy doing his hair. Ha! What an experience. Completely out of this world. Pat myself at the back!

Zombie Dance Show 630x410

Then we had a break. As normal people should. I got the most expensive bad burger in my life for 80 kroner. And then we sat together in a food area and shared our experiences and planned for what to do next. In short, we went to see the Zombie Dance, relaxed a bit in the Ferris Wheel, got ourselves in a fight in the Mine (which showed how competitive your friends were), enjoyed classic wooden Roller Coaster, which was great, and closed the night with two not-so-crazy rides The Odin Express and The Spinning Top. And the latter one, as you might guess was the worst ride for the night.


People were so nice dressing up as zombies, ghosts and other creepy things. Great excitement. And we all closed our night getting more and more pictures on the lake. It was midnight, misty and cold. A very Copenhagen weather. I was so incredibly excited.

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