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Great thing about having a lot of friends is that you are allowed to have lots of farewell celebration thing. Hihihihi… 😉


So, with my friends at work, we had ours at Carnivor restaurant at PIK, North Jakarta. Well, that area was swarmed with hundreds of great reataurants, but heard this one was exceptional (-ly expensive too!).

When I first entered the place. I could smell bankruptcy. Oh yes. The place was rustic and high-end. They meant with the decorations and stuffs. And I really liked it. Well, not the feeling of “going-to-spend-a-fortune-here” one. But the welcome feeling was wonderful.



The service was extra ordinary as well. Well, it was lunch time and there were not so much people there. I might experience differently if it was dinner time on weekend. So, what I just said was invalid. Probably.











I had half-rack baby back ribs with their honey bbq sauce and mashed potato while my friend had full rack with fries! Well, she was sharing the food with her daughter. So, no guilty feeling there. And oh! OH! It was wonderful. And the mashed potato was great. It was so little in portion, but it was so rich, milky and creamy. So, I was not looking forward to get a lot as well. I have to say, compared with Peppenero ribs, this one tasted better. It looked better as well. But, when you compared with the price. ohhh… this one costs you double the price of Peppenero ribs. Now, that’s something to consider.

IMG_4365My other friend ordered chicken rosemary something. She does not eat pork hence the chicken choice. It was baked with rosemary and had some other spices covering it. I still remember the smell when it was presented on our table. Hmmm… I could smell the wonderful wonderful smell. 🙂

I did not try though. Not because I did not like it or my friend did not allow me to get a bite. But simply because I had so much with my own meal. The sauce was also tempting. But if I remember correctly, my friend did not pour the sauce on top. In fact she said it was not needed because the taste of the baked chicken was there complete already. So she did not feel the need to add some more sauce on it. Hmmm… that good, eh?

She had her fries which I felt plain and boring. Oh well, potatoes.

If you have a lot of money and a good reason to celebrate, I would recommend this place for you and your friends or family. But if you are in tight budget. You better eat somewhere else. hehehe…. I, myself, might not be able to come here again. Again, the smell of bankruptcy. *wink*

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