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Mi piace il cibo italiano

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I love Italian food! ❤


Few months back, before I flew to Denmark, I decided to try some beautiful delicious food. And since I love italian food, one of the places that I visited was Peppenero at Graha Niaga, Jakarta.

IMG_4319It was somewhat farewell celebration lunch for me. So, I picked a menu which was a celebratory kind, Peppenero Ribs. It was as good as the picture, I’m telling you. The ribs were really tender and succulent. They just came off from the bones. And it was perfectly tasted wonderful. I had full rack ribs. So, they were a lot.

The potato wedges did not look tempting, I realized that, but it was O.K. They were crunchy and salty. I like them that ways so they would not over power the taste of the ribs that were very strong.

Don’t forget to pinch the lemon before you eat. It would give just the tang sour taste to complete the taste of Peppenero sauce on the ribs. I was overwhelmed. This was for or 99.000 IDR or around 8.50 USD. What a deal! 🙂

IMG_4322My friend, on the other hand, did not choose wisely. hahaha… well, at that time she was craving for a hamburger. So, she ordered Peppenero healthy burger.


Hamburger does not go well with healthy. What would you expect to be served on your plate?

To answer that, then, there. A big restaurant hamburger with lots and lots and lots of watercress, lettuce, or whatever those green thingy they put inside the hamburger and, AND, on the salad dish.

I seriously pitied her. But oh well, that happened.

IMG_4323My other friend, I dont know how to put this, took the safe way, as most people would do with their food. She ordered food that she had ordered before. So she knew exactly what she was going to have. Or to simply put, everyone else knew what she was going to have. For crying out loud, she ordered the boring but never fails, Spaghetti Bolognaise.

On her defense, she loves Peppenero Spaghetti Bolognaise. And she was looking forward to have it again. So, it was not because she did not want to try something new, but simply because she missed this food so much that she had nothing else to think about but this.

I never had Peppenero Spaghetti Bolognaise to be honest. And for me, it looked really boring and plain. No meatballs or even a garnish on top. But oh well, if she was happy, I am.











As usual, Peppenero always provides us with appetizers, bread sticks, bread roll and stuffs. They were all good and great starters. 🙂













IMG_4320We spent almost the entire afternoon that day. We ate and drank so much. There goes my diet program.


But It was a great time. I know I might be able to enjoy these food when I am in Denmark.

So, all legit.

Cheers for good food, wonderful friends and great life!


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