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A walk in the park

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Today, out of the ordinary was a sunny day. A beautiful sunny November Sunday in Copenhagen, Denmark. I went to the church and celebrated the Lord’s Supper with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Sometimes, knowing and having brothers and sisters in Christ is enough. I have so many things that I want. I have so many desires that I crave for. I have so many thoughts and worries for my future. But when I remember I have the Lord’s family, sometimes, it is just enough.

To celebrate His goodness and this beautiful sunny November day, me and my friend decided to take a walk in the park after church. It was a glorious walk. What a beautiful world! Again, it reminds me of how magnificent my Lord is. “If you know God’s hand is in everything, you can leave everything in God’s hand.” Praise the Lord. Hope you have a blessed blessed Sunday. Jesus loves you! 🙂




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