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Thank you notes :)

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Inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Thank You Notes, I am now going to pen some of my thank you for my 33th birthday. This is not going to be hillariously funny like the one on Jimmy Fallon’s show of course, but it sorta have the same essence. Lookie…

Some serious thank you notes.

Thank you, My Family, for supporting my dream to study master in Denmark. Noone was sure whether I was going to go at the end. But here I am after all. I am safe to say, He leadeth me…

Thank you JICF family (member) who said I should think twice about going to study in Denmark. I did think through it again. And because of that I am more and more confident of my decision.

Thank you FIBC family for opening your arms so wide that I am now plugged in a community that keeps me close to God. You challenged me to step up my game and joined my first (maybe the last) Christmas choir. I kinda like it so far. Because of you, I met a lot of bunch of wonderful people as well. wow. Out of millions people and from so many places on eart, you, here, in Copenhagen. Amazing!



…and for those important people in my life.

Thank you my sister Lusi. I have never imagined in my life that I would be on Europe trip like what we had few month back. It was indeed a dream came true.


Thank you my SF-Crew Whatsapp group for always be there on my side 24/7. All the ups and downs and the things that should not be named. You are all crazy people that I adore the most.

Thank you all my past heart breakers. I am glad we were never be together at the end. You give me hope for who is in store for me, because I am sure he will be so much incredible than you all are.

Thank you, younger people than me. I was like, “Wow, how old are you? Geez what are you doing here taking master degree or just here across the globe? Shouldn’t you be in clubs, malls, karaoke bars, cinemas or at least coffee shops?” You left me thinking how old I am. But then I reflected on my life when I was on your age, and surprisngly, no regret!

Thank you friends who had left my life. You wake me up from a dream where friends are for ever. And because of you, I value friendship so much, in the right way.

Thank you for all my pets. You taught me how to be faithful and loyal. You showed me how to be caring and lovely. You lead me to be happy and playful. You remind me that love is the most beautiful thing of all.

…interesting thing that had happened to me during the past year.

Thank you Kulturnatten. It was really one culture night for me. I couldnt share the detail here. But the point is, I dont mind having it more often.


Thank you failures. You really did teach me the most valuable lesson of perseverance, hardwork and faithfulness. I would say, I hope we would never meet again. But then wise people say that it’s good for your growth. Damn!

along with some group of people/community.

Thank you Århus Universitet for putting your neck in the line by giving me scholarship. I will never disappoint you. This I promised you.

Thank you PPI DK for making me feel at home when I am actually 10,839 km away. Special thanks for those people who could put rawon, tongsen, seblak, bubur ayam, soto on the dining table even though I know you could not find all the spices here in Denmark. Bravo for them who brought the spices all the way from Indonesia. God bless you!

Thank you Studieskolen, my danish course. I am now very proud of my language, Bahasa Indonesia. Even though it’s not an international language, but there are more than 260 million people who use it in their everyday life while danish is used by 5,5 million people only. Talking about nasionalism. Hoorah!

Thank you fellow bloggers. Or to be exact, my role model in blogging. Dancing Beastie, J.S. Park, Matt Walsh, and some more. You inspire me to keep on writing even though this mind is blank. You force me to be critical and sensitive. You help me to be tolerate and open minded. Yes, all of that and most of all, the art in writing.

Thank you Ariana Grande. A year from now, I might look back and say to myself, “Who the hell is Ariana Grande?” But right now, this time, you are on my playlist and I love your song “Honeymoon Avenue” so friggin much. Not that I am craving on a honeymoon, but really, making lyrics from traffic is just cool thing to do.


Thank you commedians. Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, and Russell Peters. I have no idea what genes run in your DNA. But, oh wow. This world needs more people like you.

For those random things that I am thankful for…

Thank you, Tivoli’s Vertigo ride. You challenged me and I accepted it. And that what life is about, to respond appropriately in the right timing. Or what the capitalist says opportunity meets preparation. or what the hippie calls Luck. Yes, I am so lucky to be alive and well enough to take that ride.

Thank you microwave. I never thought I would say this, but without your being in my room, I would not survive living in Nord of København.

Thank you ipad. You saved me from spending a lot of cash on printed books. I am not proud of this but free downloaded ebooks are the best. Especially those books which would make my face red when the cashier read the genre of the book and show her judgemental face on me. Mind your own bussiness!

Thank you black shirt and black cardigan. For making my sleep so comfortable because I could just take off my brassiere and wake up without being worry to need to cover something.

Thank you Indomie Goreng, for being my longevity noodle as what the chinese people would recommend having on birthdays. I could cook a proper noodle meal actually, but cooking on birthdays does not sound right for me. Thank you also for always being dependable in your taste everytime I am hungry and do not have enough time to cook or simple when I miss Indonesian junk food.

Thank you Baltic Sea, for keeping all my wordless secret with you. Though sometimes you blew some sand to my eyes when I sat there crying, but I really appreciated your beauty so much. There’s something magical with sea waters. And you displayed one without flaw.


Thank you The Internet. I dont know how to put this, but you are a life saver when I’m lonely, sad, happy, excited and all shades of emotions. I hope as I grow older today, I am wiser in using you.

Thank you ipad games. You teach me how to treat my gadgets in fashionly manner that laptop is for work and study, handphones are for social and communication and tablet is for playing games, reading ebooks and watching youtube or other free streaming movies. Like this is the most important thing to be thankful of. Ha!

Thank you Skype. A technology that allows me to see my favourite people as if they are just a meter away from my face. You successfully made me miss them so much!

Thank you acnes. Sigh. I dont know why you love me so much that you stay faithfully on my face. But I am sure that something good will come from this relationship. sigh.

Thank you, chandelier earrings. I know this sounds stupid, but you made me feel pretty. Everytime I flip my hair, I feel I am the most gorgeous girl in planet. Yes, you also show how shallow I am. Beautiful things do make me happy.

Thank you, wordpress blog. You give me a space to talk without being intterupted which I, as an introvert, find so difficult in real life. People sometimes dont take turn when talking. Once awhile I just want them to shut their mouth.

Thank you for music. All kinds of them! My life feels so much better when you are around acompanying me every where I go. You express words that my mouth refuses to say. You scream out feeling that my heart refuses to admit.


Thank you Social Medias. In social medias I mean, of course, Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram and you name them, I have them all. :p For presenting those oh-so-thoughtful meme and quotes from 9GAG, autocorrects and of course fellow facebookers, tweeters, grammers, pathers (?) continously every day on my timeline. I know exactly where to go if I am bored and I need a shot of prank.

Thank you my students, here there and everywhere. You are one of the reasons why I keep on developing myself. Because I want to teach you something that worth far than just lifelong which is eternity. It is a joy to receive personal messages from you saying simple happy birthday today. I cherish you. I hope you experience the true life to the fullest.

Lastly, thank you for my late mum. As I grew older, I became more and more thankful for what you did in my life. Had not you done that, I might be a different person today. Your daughter now is 33 years old. She misses you so much. But She has hope that she shall meet you again in eternity.

There you go 33 thank you notes to celebrate my 33th birthday. ❤ 🙂




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