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Cooking in Denmark: Spicy Bacon

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Surviving in Denmark requires high ability of doing things that you’ve never thought you’d do. Especially when it comes to food, ingeniously is important ingredient. And since I finished all my asian spices and food, I just have to acrobat with things I could find in Netto.


So, I made stir fried spicy bacon. And surprisingly  it was great. But my friend said that you could not go wrong with bacon. :p

It was simple and very cheap. You will need: a small box of minced bacon, 2 pieces of red chillis, 2 table spoons of oil, 4 garlics, 2 red onions and vegetables. And all you need to do is to chop them all into pieces and stir fry them altogether. You’ll get the heat from the chilli, crunchiness from the vegetables (I used cabbages but carrots will also be a good pair) and of course the asian flavor from the garlic and red onions. Why I call this acrobat is simply because I have never cooked something like this before and it turns out to be good. hahaha… Well, we dont sell a lot of bacon back in Indonesia. And I would not stir fry something unless I have to do it. Since, it is a shared kitchen. And I dont have a lot of time to cook and do preps. So, something like stir fry spicy bacon is a good thing. Or at least makes me survive here.


Written by Vallaura

November 24, 2014 at 8:56 PM

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