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You cannot deny something that is existed. You just can’t.

You could shake your head off. And it would be gone while you were shaking your head, but when you stopped, and by all means, you shall stop, it would still be there because it exists.

Sometimes you would try to convince yourself that it is only in your imagination that when you close your eyes long enough, you would no longer see it at the time you opened your eyes. But it’s not in your imagination. It’s here. It’s there. It exists.

Or you try to ignore its presence. You look away from it. You set it aside from your face. You cover it with your blanket (I do that when I don’t want to see my washed piled laundry that need to be ironed). Or you hide it under your bed (like my other pile of dirty laundry). You could do whatever, but it still exists.

Other people try to kill it, to make it stop existing anymore by drinking over it, burning it, buried it, well, I am not an expert here, what’s your imagination on killing something, gunned it down? Left it to die? Tell me what because whatever scenario you have, you would only kill its physical existence. It will exist in far substantial form of existence, memory.

There’s this thing about memory. People are glad because overtime memory degrades until it would completely go. Alzheimer, being old, brain capacity are just to name the few that make people have memory loss. The thing is, you might lose it, but it does not mean it does not exist anymore. It still does. You just don’t remember it. In fact, once there is a trigger that made you remember it, the whole existence suddenly would submerge you in a great amount of remembrance.

Once, something exists. It would stay exist.

Lesson need to be learned is that I need be careful for every second of my life that I would create existences, a flip of a fried egg, a dance, a touch on tats, a shared cigarette, and hours of togetherness, be careful with those things. Once it exists, God help me, it would stay exist.

Written by vallaura

January 26, 2015 at 6:45 PM

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