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If you are wondering why in the world #savehajilulung is in twitter worldwide trending topic, here are some clues.

A little bit context for non indonesian readers, Indonesia is in 118 world’s most corrupt country from 174 countries listed. Not an achievement. Not proud at all. And just later last year Indonesia appointed a new Jakarta Governor. He is previously the vice governor who is now taking role as the governor since the previous governor is elected as the President of Republic of Indonesia, Jokowi, people call him.

Now this new governor Basuki Tjahja Purnama or “Ahok” is now standing in the white zone fighting corruption in any possible ways. He is of minority race, chinese, and he is of minority religion, christian, to top of that he is expressive, hence all the fuss. Yesterday, he went on a dialogue with the Jakarta’s House of Representative accommodated by the Ministry of Domestic Affairs to discuss about the suspected-to-be-manipulated Jakarta 2015 budget, note on 12,000,000,000,000 IDR (12 trillions just incase i miss some zeros there, converse to your own currency if you please) for UPS allocation fund for high schools in Jakarta. To make the story short, the dialogue did not work as intended to be. The “fighting” parties are Ahok versus Haji Lulung (Haji is a moslem title).

But why is it trending? It’s because in the meeting Haji Lulung mentioned USB instead of UPS. And he said (free translation) “If I spit, even my saliva could turn to be money”. And that he rode Lamborghini to the Parliement House last 2014. Or at least that three things were the things that I could conclude to be the hatred sources. And so here are some meme of Haji Lulung on #savehajilulung. I’ll do my free translation in English just incase you are wondering what are these all about. 🙂 IMG_7425 “Don’t you know who I am??? If I am late paying rent for my house, I will kick out the land lord! UNDERSTAND!” – “Pll..Please make your way, sir” IMG_7426 “Don’t you know who I am??? If I need to do number 1, the toilet comes to me, not the other way around!!!” – “Gasp! Zeusss!!” IMG_7427 “Don’t you know who I am??? If a mosquito bite me… it will get dengue (DBD)” – “stupid…” IMG_7430 “Do you know how I wrote my bachelor thesis? My first supervisor wrote the report, my second supervisor did the whole programming stuffs, the examiners did the revision and I gave the grade for myself.” – “Whh…… mercy on me Hajiii.. Lungg..” And oh so many others. But I will close with one that a bit different. IMG_7429

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