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Copenhagen – the other side

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Today I deactivated my okcupid account. Sadly, not because I had found someone there. It was because I received some not approriate message. And yes, I knew it would happen. But I was not expecting it that soon.

So, annonymous wrote: “Would you like to go to porn/sex club in Copenhagen?”

Hmm… I was not really disgusted with the question. In fact, I was questioning if there were as such club here (stupid question, of course). So, I opened my iPad and browse “porn or sex club in Copenhagen”. And in a split second the screen pointed out so many clubs as such here. Well, I did not click all of them, in fact I only clicked one. And that’s more than enough.

I forgot what was it, I could only remember swing, maybe bar? club? I am not sure. The background of the site was red and black. As I scrolled down I started to feel an eerie feeling. I remember reading names of rooms and house rules. As Foyer, Living Room, Dungeon, Viewing Room, Black Room etc. And rules like nos sex ativity here, clean up after you, no high heel on bed, cover with wet blanket, playing with candles only allowed here, etc. I got stunted. I had not idea what they were talking about. But the pictures were clear that they were all BDSM things. Fifty shades of gray now looked like a kindergarten book compared to these.

To my horor, when I checked the addresses. Whoa. Nyhavn, gothersgade, nørregade! Those are main streets that I pass every other day to attend my danish course. Gosh. Now I really have to look out to where my feet leads me. I have just discovered the other side of the happiest country on earth.

I am not going to attach any photos or names, or web link or whatsoever. The point why I wrote this post is to make you all aware, or make my self aware, that things mentioned in fifty shades of gray are not unreal. it is may not be a mere novel, it might be a true story because it is true happening here. gosh. it is sickening to know a beautiful, smart and rich woman would prefer to be a submissive in the name of sexual pleasure. Where are the feminist activist here? Wouldnt you want to disband the use of nipple clam, clog and all those stuffs? I am going to stop now, the eerie feeling is back.

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