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How to shake “it” off.

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Being old (enough) amongst my friends in Copenhagen, I have this urge to point out some life lessons I’ve learnt during the discrepancy of age that I have with them. This one I adress how to shake “it” off. By it, I means anything and or everything that is or are undesirable in your head.

1. Take a good night sleep
Sometimes, the best cure is just rest. Those things and crazy ideas that are lingering in your minds might be lurking because you have not got enough sleep. Those are simply how your body is telling you that you need to sleep. Even when you woke up with reality that are the same, but trust me, you can handle them better after a good night sleep.


2. Take a break from humanity
Most of the time, it is other people that made you unable to shake things off. Oh the voices and noises… those are pollution to your clear soul. Simple problems in life could be gigantic in a minute because you are surrounded by people that are not supposed to be there. So, take a break from human and go to nature. Whether it is a small parks, a hike to a waterfall, a stroll on the beach, a visit to planetarium, or simply a gaze to a meadow. Breathe in the air, soak in the beauty and turn back from human for some seconds would help you a great deal.


3. Take a purr or a woof
Yes. If you are a pet person, this is simply it. Leave all your gadgets and hold on your kitty kat. Stroke its fur and let her purrs in your lap, enjoy the sound, feel relaxed and just let go the sigh. Or get that stick and run with your puppy to play throw and catch. Roll with him on the grass, let him lick your face wet and just laugh with him, laugh it out loud. If you are kinda beaver, pigeon, fish or ant pet person, umh… I don’t know how you pet your pet, you know better than me. But you get the point.


4. Take a bubble wrap
LOL. You know those thing made up to wrap fragile objects sent to you. yup, the bubble wrap. I guess, I am going to end the list with this now (or at this moment at least, before I found something else to add). It is really ditrscting your mind and relaxing your life to try to burst all those bubble wrap. As long as you dont get it to serious that you got even more stress about. LOL.


This is fun. Maybe writing should be no.5. It relaxes your mind when you write something.

Written by Vallaura

March 19, 2015 at 10:08 AM

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