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Today was the last day of rehearsal for our Easter Concert, which is tomorrow!



Needing to hit some notes down, I came early to find that our choir director, our pastor, was still on his flight to Copenhagen from his vacation. I was stoned realizing it was a little over 10 and he was still not around. We were just a flock of few people who love to sing and fair to say that half of us could not sing let alone read note.

One of our tenors helped with the warm-ups. It went well. Then we started to try with some familiar songs. Unfortunately, even the soundmen could not get the CD worked. You could see the horror in our faces realizing that we had not get things ready for tomorrow. We stood up and tried to organize ourselves in the sanctuary to know where we would stand and, again, tried to practice a song with one of our smartphones that had all the songs downloaded in it. Note, it was Bass CD. So, I felt so confused hearing the complimentary bass voice in the back of the music. Well, better than using youtube soundtrack that was very fast paced and cut half of the song. Ha! And as we tried to make basically anything work, our pastor came!

The relief and the joy and the gratefulness to see him walking on the aisle towards us! Some of us cheered, clapped and all of us felt so happy. I have never felt a connection with a pastor as such before. He is really a shepherd for us. I feel without him, we are just a scattered stupid blind know-nothing flock trying to figure something out of our reach. When I sigh, I remember who The True Shepherd is. And how I have not that kind of connection lately with Him. It’s just a simple math. Without Him, I am just a stupid blind know-nothing sheep. What am I doing not letting him guiding me all through the journey. I could remember the anxiety when he is not around. And the peace when he is around. A perfect resemblance of how my relationship with God should be. Thank you pastor Erik for putting the two and two together. I will never forget.

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