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Frankfurt, Germany

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Spring is here! …or so they say.

But we had Spring Break anyway (eventhough, it was not spirnglike in Copenhagen) and I spent my last Spring Break in Frankfurt, Germany for a couple of days. I went there because my brother and his wife were travelling to Europe but they could not manage to squeeze in Copenhagen in their intinerary. So, I went down to meet them in Frankfurt.



I was so happy meeting my family there, even though they were only my brother and sister in law. For some hours, it was just great knowing that someone would take care of you if something happen, and that includes taking care of your meal. LOL. I had amazing cuisine food there. We had  truck load asian food for dinner at Jade and before we parted, my brother and his wife cointinued their journey to Paris, we had amazing burge at Fletchers Better Burger. All on my brother, of course! And that’s another kind of happyness 😉

But, personally, it was my first time travelling alone in Europe. The first time I arrived in Europe, my sister was with me. Then all through the almost-a-year journey, I travelled with my friends. So, I was a little too much excited about this that I did not realize that I booked a very heart stompping train tickets.


I realised it a day before I left. I was shocked that transit time between trains were very short. I had to make sure I had enough euro in hands just incase I missed that 4-min-window train.  And guess what, I missed one of my trains. :p


It was the train fromKoblenz Hbf to Hatzenport. The previous train was 5 minutes late, hence it left me with 1 minute transit time where I had to change from platform 3 to platform 9. It was chaotic. And I don’t speak german. I knew I could go to information center and asked for a new train ticket, but the next train would be an hour later and I did not have  the luxury to wait for an hour because it would initiate a domino effect that might caused me missed my train back to Copenhagen. So, I just executed my plan B, get a taxi. Well, I had to take taxi from Hatzenport to my destination anyway. My destination was the famous Eltz Castle. From the web, I knew that if I went there on weekends there would be free bus from Hatzenport to the castle hence no taxi fees. Again, my brother’s schedule, train tickets prices and all made me unable to enjoy the free facility. But, if you want to go there, I suggest you plan to go there on weekends, it would save you 100 EUR.

Luckily, I had a very nice, english-speaking german taxi driver. He made sure, I had enough money to cover the trip as well as the time to catch my train back. He was very informative, taking me through the shortest route which fortunately the most scenic route as well. The train and taxi ride along Moselle River was amazing trip by itself. I was so happy.


Back to Frankfurt, I met my old friend for a coffee. It was so nice of her to make time to meet me. We had a good catch-up talk before I had to be back to Copenhagen. Wish my journey was a little bit longer. But I am thankful for the wonderful moment that even though it was short, it was definitely thrilling 🙂


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