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Then and now and when

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On 18 October 2014, I could not contain a heavy heart and went to Hellerup Havn (Hellerup Harbor). It was a cold windy autumn afternoon right on the shore of the north sea. I remember that I watched the sea water and some sea gulls and bird (I dont know what kind) flying and chirping around. I saw one flying away (can you see it on the picture?). In my little thought, perhaps this bird is thinking to migrate to avoid the coldness of the northern hemisphere of earth. As the bird flew, I whispher to it, send my message to him, I wish I could fly to where you are because I miss you dearly, then I went home and wrote this post.

Today is 21 May 2015, practically 7 months from that moment, the same heavy heart is within me once more. But I remember earlier this month, I went to see him, I flew to where he is, to the place which I thought I would never be.


I guess, it was not about whether I could meet him or see him or what. It’s simply whether I could be together with him for the rest of time. And that what makes the heart heavy.

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