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Cooking in Spain: Banana Chocolate Puff Pastry A.K.A Bolen Kartika Sari

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So, my papers drafts are due yesterday. And I totally forgot about them. I mean, I am writing them but I thought there are no deadlines. Hahaha… What was I thinking. So to not getting even more under pressure, I made some sort of Bolen (kartika sari is the famous brand in Indonesia). It is actually banana pieces with chocolate or chesse (or both) wrapped in a puff pastry dough. I bought the ready puff pastry dough for 2++eur.

The process is easy. Dust your working table with powder. Roll the dough with pin to stretch it a bit. Cut it into medium sizes. I was able to make 9pieces in unequal sizes. Put the banana and chocolate on it. Fold the edges to meet in the middle. Put a drop of water to make the edges stick to each other. Preheat the oven 180 degrees celcius for 5min. Cover the tray with baking paper. Put the ready pieces on the tray. Swap a batted eggyolk on top of each piece. Springkle cheese on top of each piece (or chocolate or both or none). Put the tray on the lowest shelf of the oven. Set the time for 18-20min. Check it 5min before time, make sure the bottom is brown. Adjust the oven, use lower heat only or upper heat only, depends on the condition. And done!

I can start writing my paper with this delicious banana puff pastry on the side 🙂

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