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Good and perfect gifts

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Every good and perfect gift is from above. 


My birthday is coming!!! Yay! or Nay!?

Well, I am not a birthday person to be honest. But I decided to make it a big deal this time. I celebrate it by writing one post for each day of my birthmonth. When I was thinking on what kind of gift I deserve to get from myself, I read this verse on my night devotion. Yeah, what I am going to give myself is/are the thing/s that I want. I might need it or I might not need it. It will be good for sure but I would not know whether it is THE PERFECT gift. What is a perfect gift anyway? Who can give that to you besides The Perfect One.

I know I received a lot from Him. But I hope He would give me a special gift for my upcoming birthday. Wouldn’t that be awesome? 😉


Thank you LORD, for the gift of health, friends and adventures. These are all good and perfect gifts that come from You. I know there are more gifts in store for me and all of those are because of all your mercy and grace. Help me to be more thankful with the life you are giving me. Amen.

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