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There is a season for everything

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For everything there is a season, 


These trees taught me more about faith today.

I walked pass this line of trees on my way home from the university today. It caught me by surprise that the leaves of these trees have turned to red just like in this picture, fyi, this photo was taken a year ago when I visited Bilbao for the first time. It was on 22 November 2014 to be exact, HERE you can read last year’s post. 🙂

I have ben wondering for the past weeks when will these leaves turn red. Because I remember the last time I saw them, they were all beautifully red. In fact, I have a little prejudice that this year they are late. I knew from my friends’ posts in Copenhagen that trees in Copenhagen have changed colours. It’s Autumn! But not these trees. So, these ones are late. Or, so I thought they are…

Today I just realised that it has changed its colours. I recalled the time the last time I saw them, it was exactly on November. And now is November! In a split second, a bible verse came to mind “for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” These trees, the wont change their color until the season comes. It is exactly at the season, it changes its color. Amazing. It is just amazing.

Thank you trees for teaching me visually what Ecclesiastes 3:1 really is. That, there is a season for everything. That, there is a time for every matter. As a person who has faith, I should exercise my faith to always remember, that there will be a time for me. That in due time, it will happen. It wont be late, it will be exactly at the right time. Amazing. It will be amazing.

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