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Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.



Somehow, I was in a deep conversation with a friend yesterday. We were talking for more than 2 hours talking about everything. There is something beautiful in having a christian friend. Not that it is not beautiful to have friends from different beliefs. But a deep conversation with a christian friend, with a sister in Christ brings the conversation to a different level. And there is something magical to know that a friend care for you, pray for you and hope for the best for you. It brings a magical sense of support and strength to continue living.

It is always amazing to see how God keeps me company through the presence of these (un)random people who are out of the blue texting, FB-messaging, calling, skyping, bloging, tweeting me. And I still ask in my prayer for Him to not let me alone in this time of grief. I have should have known better. Who said that social medias are the culprit of all. Ha!

Indeed, one (wo)man sharpens another. 🙂

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