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Christians should stop being religious

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But avoid foolish controversies… for they are unprofitable and worthless.


I mean every words I said. Christians should stop being religious if being religious means going head over heels about the design of starbucks red cup this year. I have to admit, it is nice to have the old red cup designs, like below.


But designs are just designs. period.

First, they are not in any means symbols of faith. By they, I mean, snowman, red fox, a sliding man, a singing boy, a skating girl, the nutcracker, a dog, or anything else you could see from the design of the cup (perhaps reindeers or pine trees at the back of these cups?). Red is not a symbol of faith as well, you know that, don’t you? Christians wearing red or gold or green or white colored dresses to a christmas eve service by all means are not more faithful than christians wearing black or blue or nothing, to take to the extreme. Help me with these questions. What are symbols of faith? Why they are called symbols of faith and others not? If you could answer these questions, then I could give you the point of being religious. If you could not, dont call yourselves religous. Or just stop being religious in all sense for that matter.

Second, this stupid petty matter has became a great deal in America since now people connecting it to christian faith, christian practice, christianity, churches, and perhaps even to Christ. The mocks are really embarasing. It breaks everyone who is a believer in heart.



And they really break my heart.

There is a point why Titus wrote “but avoid foolish controversies… for they are unprofitable and worthless.” It is not to make us ignorant. It is this. This is the exact reason. Look around. Instead of spreading Christ’s love during christmas time, we spread exclusivity. By sending messages about symbols, we separate ourselves from others.

These are my symbols.

These are not yours.

We are not the same.

We are celebrating.

You are not.

This is our festivity.

It’s not yours.

Let us be happy.

See us happy.

Make us happy.

(should I keep on going?)

Brothers and sisters, we can do better than this. Let’s put our symbol of faith to our deeds. Deeds that reflect Christ’s love. Please, stop being religious, be pious.

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