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Cooking in Denmark: Stir fried Longbeans

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This is my favourite vegetables dish. I love it so much that I cooked it the first time I arrived in Copenhagen last year.


Unfortunately, this simple sayur costed me a fortune that I did not cook it anymore. In Jakarta, the most expensive city in Indonesia, a bowl of this dish would cost you 4-5kroner max. And in Copenhagen, probably the most expensive city in the whole realm. You need to spend at the very least 25kroner (I remember I invested 40-50kroner for 3 servings of this dish). So, if I counted right, it will cost you 5-10x more in Copenhagen.

As you can see, the picture and title are self explanatory. The cooking process is stir frying all the ingredients. The ingredients are garlic, shalllots/onion, tomatoes, red chilli, and long beans. I usually put some meatballs or chicken gizzards and liver (ati ampela) for the protein. But considering it was damn expensive, I did not put any protein in this dish.

Pour 2 spoonful of vegetables oil in a hot pan/wok. Put shallots/onion and garlic. Toss it for 10 seconds before tossing the red chilli. Another 10 seconds then toss all the longbeans. If you have protein, toss the protein before the long beans. Wait till the protein shimmer for 30 seconds before tossing the longbeans. Pour 3 spoonful of water. Put a lid on top of the pan, if you have. Wait for 1 min. Sprinkle some salt, pepper, sugar, a tiny drop of sweet soya sauce or msg (if you like). Stir all them together then toss the tomatoes. leave it for another 1 min. Give it a try. Make some flavour/water adjustment. Leave for another 2-3 min, depends on your stove. And it’s ready to go. Yumm! 🙂


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