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Food Cult: Nasi Bebek Cak Yudi, Surabaya

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FYI, my iphone is dying. Sadly, even electronic has an age. So, before I deleted all the photos there, I am going to spam my blog with those photos. 😉 


These ones were taken when I went to Surabaya for my friend’s wedding in 2012. Surabaya is the scond biggest city in Indonesia. It is in the eastern part of Java Island. The most famous cuisine among others is their duck dish. This one, Indonesian all time favourite, is fried duck with jasmine rice and chilli codiment.

IMG_0396I did not know exactly why we end up in this particular street-food tent. FYI, it is very common in all around Indonesia to have street food where they cover their stall with tent. But no complaint, I could still remember how delicious their mango chilli codiment was! 😉

They usually serve in a small saucer. This spicy food codiment is different from one tent to another. In fact, this is the charm of each tent. This particular one added shredded raw mango to add a tang sensation of sour mango to compliment the spicyness. Only for the brave. Spicyness level 6 out of 10.

IMG_0397Along with hot jasmine rice or nasi uduk with friend shallots on top, the fresh-from-the-hot-boiling-vegetable-oil fried duck. You can choose bigger part of duck or smaller part or perhaps part of bigger duck or part of smaller duck, I really dont know for sure. They are different by 4000idr. If I dont have other side dishes like fried tofu, tempeh or chicken gizzards or liver, I usually ordered the bigger one but I have all the other side dishes, I order the smaller one. In any case, I eat a lot! :p

IMG_0395As you can see, the skin is very crispy and tasty. Yes. I am sorry. It might not be a sort of healthy food, especially if you notice the fat of the skin is so full. hehehe… It’s delicious though. And After a week of eating salad, I am sure your taste buds will appreciate this dish. Yumm… I forgot the adress. And the picture did not show a clear address. But I am sure Mr. Google can help you anything you want to visit this tent. Which, by the way, you should! Here is the complete set of meal without any side dish. They will cost you around 20 000 idr or 1.5o USD or 1.20 EUR.

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