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Christmas in a Club

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57637profTeatro Kapital - Inside the Club - 11

I am not a clubber type of girl, to be honest, but I do sometimes go to a club with my friends to enjoy some music. So, when I went to Madrid with my friend, we visited Teatro Kapital which was said a 7-floor dance club, a megaclub in Madrid. Whoa!

When we went there, there was a line, of course, but it was not that bad, only took us less than 10min to get in. The security guys asked us some IDs. Then we paid 20EUR for the entrance and 1 drink (They accept cards). Again not bad, since the drink itself could cost me 6-8EUR. When we went it, certainly it has 7 floors. It welcomed us with a lot of Christmas and NY greetings and events, the tickets for these events will be 50EUR and above. Burn your money here! :p




For my taste, this club is one of the best I’ve been so far. In fact, I like it better than Cityhall in Barcelona. Well, it offers 7 different floors, so that solve all the problem. We tried some of the floors, only the karaoke floor that was not so great. The latin floor was nice too. Had a cutie came over but I could not understand one single word he said. We danced a bit there, but since I did not recognize most of the songs we stayed only for a short time. We stayed mostly in the main dance floor, the first floor. They have 3 DJs taking turn (maybe more, I saw only three though), I like the first and last. I am not so good at club music, but I think they played pop-electronic music. They also have a huge screen, side dancers and sax player in between the music. So, it was really entertaining. When the crowd was up beated, they had this smoke-spray-or-whatever on. It really paid off the 20 EUR entrance fee. I would say.

875917profTeatro Kapital - Inside the Club - 9

Also, I have to add, there tons of hot guys there (not only cuties). 😉  A lot of times, we were dancing surrounded by these guys. Uh-Oh. Hot guys alert! LOL. Some of them are under age I believe, somewhere between 14-16. Don’t know how they could get in. But most are available age 26 above. In fact a lot are in 30s IMO. I talked to some of them, they talked to us first, but they talked mostly in spanish. And the ones who spoke English were club trolls who just wanted to have a one night stand. Not our kinda hot guys, sowwies. Some others just looked at us and could not find the courage to talk. Or maybe they found our dance moves wierd. LOL. I dont look for guys in this kind od place, but it was entertaining to see so many good-looking guys around us.

I recommend this dance club if you like to dance and enjoy the music since people are also dancing and enjoying themselves there. You wont get bored and the price is also good. And if you are in to hooking up, maybe this place is for you. Because some of them actually looking for a hook-up as well. Enjoy your Christmas in a club! Dont forget to keep it sinless. 🙂

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