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Warm Christmas

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I did a little shopping at Primark, Grand Via, Madrid today.

It was a huge shopping centre, 4 stories if I am not mistaken and people just flooded it, well, including me. If I converted the prices to IDR, it was not a very cheap shopping place considering they were not giving the best quality product. But I do need to shop since I don’t have any warm ‘gear’ to combat the starting-to-get-colder weather. 

 These cozy socks for example were sold in 3 packs for 3EUR. They were very warm and cute. I would say it was a good deal. Also I bought: a room slipper (3.50), 2 packs of gloves (2),  5 packs of socks (3.50), 3 packs of bras (10), a dress (13), a pair of jeans (10), faux eyelashes (1.50), a stretchy shirt (4) and 200 denier stockings (4). Well, yes, some of them are extremely cheap. But not all. What’s nice shopping in this place is that you could find almost everything in one place, including my size (extra large). And for every season they have cute stuffs.

I would recommend this place for your christmas shopping and make sure your Christmas is warm. HUGS!



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