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Christmas family

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I miss my christmas.


I miss home.

I miss my family.

I miss my dad.

I miss my sister. I even miss being annoyed by her.

I miss my friends.

I miss christmas lunch and dinner and meeting and shopping and decorating and gift exchanging.

I miss my church. Both, in Jakarta and in Copenhagen.

I miss christmas services.

I miss christmas messages.

I miss christmas carols.

I miss singing christmas songs.

I miss christmas festivities, christmas tree, christmas light, christmas dresses, or christmas anything.

I miss christmas gifts.

I miss giving gifts during christmas time.

I miss getting gifts at christmas.

I miss christmas food.

I miss the blackforest cake my family always have every christmas and new year.

I miss rendang, sambel goreng kentang, ayam pedas, babi panggang, sambel andaliman, mie goreng, ikan arsik, daging black pepper, kerupuk udang, sambel terasi, sayur sop, terong balado, teri sambel, ayam gulai, sambel mentah, tempe penyet, lalapan, nasi panas, sambel goreng, ayam goreng lengkuas, tempe-tahu bacem, oncom lenca pedas, sayur genjer, sambel gandaria, bubur ayam, bakwan goreng, ayam rica-rica, sate ayam, ayam bakar, gudeg-krecek, gado gado, tongseng kambing, indomie goreng!

I miss them all.

I miss christmas.

Sigh. Yeah. I miss christmas.


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