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Christmas memories

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Another app on Facebook and vonvon to sum up your year through your pictures on FB page. The app is called Create Your Own 2015 Memory Photos Collage. I really like how it showed my collage. But the year of 2015 is so much more than that.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 09.48.22 pm

In fact, these memories are all just the happy memories. The deep, teary, and probably most meaningful ones are not captured here. But still it is nice to see.

Thee photo on top left was taken in Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain in early November 2015. I remember how beautiful the was, sunny, warm, and fun. I looked pretty there too. hahaha…. which no guy agrees.

The two photos under it, on the left was taken in Germany, in Burg Eltz. It was a crazy trip. And I met my brother and sis in law there. I love seeing castle. And I intend to see more when I am in Europe. While, on the right, it was when I was doing my paper in Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark, with my newly painted nails. I dont know why this particular photo was chosen by the app.

The middle setion was an acummulation of many events. The four small photos on the top section are composed from photos taken at National Museum of Copenhagen, Catherine’s Passage in Tallinn, Metro station in Moscow, and at my flat in Copenhagen. Can you match which one which? While the BW photo on the bottom is my birthday picture taken in Bilbao, Spain, when we were having breakfast celebration for my birthday.

The photos on the right are real gems. Two on the top were taken, you know where, Moscow. Yeah, you know how deep that name means to me. And the one on the right down is taken in my lovely city, Jakarta, Indonesia when I had my summer break shopping with my besties.

Yes, Christmas is the time to give thanks. Thanks for all the memories. 🙂


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