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Christmas dream

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The news caught me by surprised. Here, in the 21st century world of lies, deceits, false hope and promiscuity exist a living fairy tale story of a man named Ethan Renoe.


When I read this post from one of my friend’s facebook, I was sceptical and just about to enjoyed the shirtless scene of an american jogging in a damp weather. All what girls really want to see. It turned out to be something amuzing.


This man apparently a graduate from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a communications degree. And he said he wants to travel to Asia soon for humanitarian causes.

“The plan was to go to Asia for a while and just travel around by myself or find an orphanage to work with. I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve met little kids who were eating dirt because there’s no food for them in Nigeria, India.”

Well, isn’t he the fairy tale story that all girl want to hear?

I have nothing to say. But if he really does exist, then there is a hope for every woman who is praying for godly man in their lives. And isn’t that a Christmas dream to share? 🙂

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