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Christmas chrush

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Another shallow post on this time of the year. Yep. I am just gonna hit the rock bottom, am I not?He is, like any other guy featured in my blog, going to kill me if he found out I wrote a post about him. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it is almost definite that he is not gonna stumble upon this blog.

So, the flash news is, I have a crush on him. And certainly, as any other crushes that I had, he won’t text me back. Yeah, the story of my life, in deadly triangulation. I met him only once, when I had to go to Madrid to take care of my danish visa. And he was so nice and friendly that I was drawn into his charm in that exact moment. Darn. I was not expecting to meet a cutie at that time. I just arrived from Porto in my black sweater and ponytail hair. I bet my eyes were so sore and tired since I only had few hours of sleep to catch my plane to Madrid. But, I could not stop think about him that I tried to do something about it. And as normal people do, I added him on his facebook. Just to realize that, he ignored me. So much for an effort, huh? I guess it was the knee factor that made me fell. Or perhaps his eyes who showed happiness and joy. Or maybe I am just lonely that a simple friendly gesture made me so wanting someone that bad. Dart. The last one could be the most appropriate one.


Gosh, look at him. pffttt… he is such a cutie. Anyway, he made my Christmas season a bit jolly in a different way. It would have been jollier if he texted me back, responded positively to my FB friend request. Oh well. The next time I am going to any embassy, I remind myself to  wear my full make up and dress like a princess, just in case I came across another hot guy like him. Then I might  give myself a shot.

Uhm. He plays Cajon and his name is Christian Garcia-Fonseca Secher. What a Christmas crush he is. LOL. wink wink. giggle.

Written by vallaura

December 18, 2015 at 12:19 AM

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