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Christmas prayers

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Tell me that prayers do not work, then I will stop praying.


Today, I just wanted to share another answered prayer that I would need to look back to when I felt all my prayers were not answered.

If you are regular to my blog, then you might have noticed that I am currently living in an answered prayer life. Let me give you a recap.

I had been praying for several years since I graduated from university to be able to take masters degree abroad through scholarship. My efforts were up and down, years after years and in 2014, I got a partial scholarship from Aarhus University to study masters in Copenhagen, Denmark, in an erasmus program. I was a little bit surprised on how God answer this prayer in a way I would not expect Him to answer. I had always wanted to study in London. And this program is a joint degree of Copenhagen, Bilbao and London. Interestingly, because my scholarship is from Denmark, I should study in Denmark and not go to London. Of course, I can go to London, but of my own expense, which is, imposible. Now, you can call that so close yet so far! But in Copenhagen, I learned that this is the place where God wants me to be. My scholarship is given by the Danish Government, and guess what, it was the first and last (later on I learned this fact). Talk about luck!

The first weeks in Copenhagen, I got plugged in into FIBC, a church where I felt like home. From this church, I knew a friend who offered me a part-time cleaning job, which pays well to survive in an expensive city such as Copenhagen and to save money for my third semester in Bilbao in which I have to pay by myself. To make long story short, I lived in a home of danish family. They were amazing people. Then, I got a danish buddy from the university. She was also amazing. I got another part-time job from the university as a student helper. And I had a really nice (not to mention, good looking) boss. I had a circle of friends from church and au-pair groups, with whom I usually spend time during weekend. And a bunch of Indonesian students friends. I know when you read it, it might not impress you at all, but trust me when I say this. My life journey in Copenhagen is impressive. Take for example, some of my friends (when I say some, it means more than 4 people) moved from one flat to another because they had a bad place to stay (just to sum up all the various reasons). Most of them could not find part time job and I got two. And because of those jobs and my savings, I could manage to live in Spain on my own expense.

Now, I am in the middle of moving back to Copenhagen for my last semester. I got my 1 year visa and just yesterday, I got a place to stay in Copenhagen. Again, these might be yet another mundane fact for you. But if you know how hard it is to get accomodation in Copenhagen and how screwed my friend’s visa is, you would agree with me that I am so blessed.

All of these are not to brag around internet on how perfect my life is. In fact there are lots of prayers still unanswered. And this is to remind myself to suck life as it is, because I am too much blessed already to ask for more. And to remind myself, to prayer all the time, since it never fails me. 🙂

Written by Vallaura

December 26, 2015 at 12:48 AM

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