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Christmas aftertaste

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What happened with the tinsel?

after christmas

Christmas is over. At least for this year.

People started to stare at the christmas tree without any merry feeling anymore. “It’s so last year”, they said. In fact, some of them, might feel a bit lazy to pack the festivity up and wish that they never did start it from the beginning. The aftertaste of Christmas which differred from one to another. I hope you would not feel like those people I desribed above. I hope you are the other type whose hearts are filled with hope and promises and strength to go on to the next Christmas Day. I don’t know what happened to you this Christmas. Maybe instead of festivity, you experienced deep grief. And instead of a merry christmas day, you had a bleak one. Or perhaps, not to put on two exteremes, maybe your christmas was just plan, year-to-year same-old-same-old christmas day. That’s even more difficult to grasp the true meaning of christmas. Whichever, I pray that you will come to your senses through His grace and will be wholly self.

For me, it was extensive festivity. It was also the start of my ling-waited-holiday. Christmas was done. Exam papers were submitted. Visa and housing for Denmark had been arranged. Now, it’s time to have a holiday. And i am going to Italy. What a plan! 🙂

And… for all i know, i am up for new guys as well. Though, I have not quite put the handsome guy out of my mind. hehehe… But the fact that I just registered to an online dating app proved my solid intention. Let’s see what may come.

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