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A bonus day.

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It is not every year you got a bonus day. But this year, help yourself to one, 29th February 2016. It is now more delighting because this is the day where Leonardo Dicaprio finally, finally, wins his first Oscar. And yes, the internet exploded.


So, on this day, I would dedicate a post for him since I have been rooting for him for ages to win an Oscar, me and thousands of thousands of his fans. It is like the whole world is behind him supporting and rooting for him to get an Oscar this year, and he did. Funny, how we (people from all ages, coountries and genereation) can all agree on one thing like this and disagree on so many other things.

To my dear Leo. My all time fave movie of yours is Inception. Congratulation. A talent acknowledged! 🙂


Written by Vallaura

February 29, 2016 at 12:38 PM

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