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Archive for September 7th, 2016

The Price of Feminism

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Nope. I am not going to talk about feminism on what the picture represent. Even though I share my soul agreeing with it. This one is about a story of one of my Copenhagen days. 🙂

Yesterday, after a weird job interview at Valby, I went to my danish course in Kødbyen. I blamed on the weird interview that I somehow played my bike’s gear all the way from Enghave to Fisketorvet bound to Kødbyen. Well you see, the road there is quite climbing, 1 degree probably, so I need to see how this “new” bike adapting with its two hands gears. That was when I could not feel that I was pedalling my bike. *shit* I knew this feeling, the chains must have lose. And of course, it was.
I stirred my lose-chained bike to the parking lot. Yes, I could get hold on using bike without proper working chains. Yes, I am that good. And saw what I knew was happening. But what I did not expect was that apparently this new bike has its chain cover. Does not life look so much easier now?

I put my turquoise longchamp bag on the left hand grip and put my Yves Rocher shopping bag on the right. I rolled my long sleeves wool cardigan 3cm and squatted looking like a smarty pants girl knowing stuffs on how to fix a loose chain. I don’t know shit.

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