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Today is not like any ordinary day. It’s because I am acted as an ordinary person.

That is not a joke. I have to say living in Copenhagen as a student is something difficult to do. There I said it flat ground. Everything is so expensive that you will feel like you will die of starvation if you eat out just for once. In fact, most probably, you will die of starvation if you eat out. And I ain’t kidding you.

But today, I decided to take life easy. It had been a hard one anyway. So, I went with my danish buddy to see a ballet rehearsal at The Opera House and continue to have brunch at illum rooftop. Yup. Fancy. Fancy.

And it just feels good, to enjoy good food, good friend, good weather, good place… and good life. I need this so much. I need to breath and enjoy the blessing to be able to live. And I am so grateful for that.

If you had not go out to enjoy the weekend, I suggest you to do that now. Go out! Give yourself a break! And enjoy the life…. Cheers!

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