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Summer 2016. Road Trip in Norway. 3

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Day 6: Bergen-Ålesund
We woke up like a new born person. It felt like a year ago since we had a good nice comfortable sleep. With a fresh mind, I remembered that I had a friend living in Bergen. So, we contacted her and she welcomed us with a warm Indonesian brunch. Yummm!


After brunch with Rusminah and baby Nico, we continued our journey to Ålesund. The journey to Ålesund was simply breathtaking. We took 2 ferry rides to go there, Ferry in Lavik for 167 NOK and Ferry in Solavågen for 155 NOK. They were all quite short trips, for 15 minutes only.



We visited the Town Mountain and viewpoint Aksla, where from this location there is a panoramic view of the archipelago, the beautiful town centre, and the amazing Sunnmøre Alps. It was suggested to walk the 418 steps up from the Town Park, go by car or take the City Train up to Fjellstua, which of course we chose to go there by car. In Fjellstua, we had another hot chocolate…. always for our energy boost.

Then we continued to go to the smaller islands through the underwater tunnels. It was soooo exciting! Our first time experiencing driving inside a long underwater tunnels! Hehehe…

We had some dilemma at this point of our travel. First, we almost used up all our km while we need to drive back to Oslo. Second, we still wanted to see some more of Norwegian Tourists Routes! Third, we really needed to go back to Oslo since, we needed to be there before our returning journey (Sita and me would continue to Copenhagen and Rheden would stay for another day in Oslo at Vita’s place). So, we decided to sleep in the car instead. That would save up time and money. And we decided to go to The Atlantic Road and on the way back to Oslo, pass The Trollstigen.

Day 7: The Atlantic Road-Geiranger-Trollstigen-Oslo
We filled up our gas again for 420.11 NOK and took a short ferry, Afarnes for 112 NOK. We arrived in The Atlantic Road as early as 6am. It was perfect. No one was actually there. So we could take as many pictures as we like. From any angle that we really wanted. Well, there’s this photo from Visit Norway magazine that we would like to replica, but of course, we failed. LOL.


The Atlantic Ocean Road or the Atlantic Road is an 8.3-kilometer long section of County Road 64 that runs through an archipelago in Eide and Averøy in Møre og Romsdal, Norway, and one of the dangerous road in the world. Wikipedia.


After the road became more crowded, we decided to start our homebound trip. We stopped in a rest area for personal hygiene and had some breakfast. We decided to pass Geiranger Fjord as it was the most famous of Norwegian fjord.

We should have taken the cruise! It was raining so it was so difficult for us to really capture the beauty of this famous fjord. But another box to tick at the very least. We continued the trip to Geiranger-Trollstigen route. We were a bit worry to pass The Trollstigen.


It was nothing from below as you could see in the picture above. But we could see how some busses where stopped because they needed to give way to other bus or cars that needed to pass first. It was nothing for me, but for Rheden who will drive, hmm… he was calm but a bit worry especially on each of the bends.

On top of the climb, there were a restaurant, souvenir shop and a view point. I had to give thumbs up to the Norwegian government for all of these. We could stop, enjoyed an ice cream, took good pictures and just smelled the fresh mountain air. Amazing place.


Legend has it, Trollstigen consisted of eleven hairpins which bend up a steep 10% incline mountainside with several waterfalls passing by. If you were lucky, an extra rainbow will also be there on the curve.

Day 8: Oslo and goodbye 🙂
The last leg of the trip was exhausting. We almost could not make it. I almost slept with my GPS on my hand. But we did. We went to Vita’s home and had warm meal and a good sleep. We departed from each other the next day. It was a precious, amazing once-in-a-lifetime journey. I am so blessed with this experience.


All photos on these blogposts belong privately to Sitta Romadona, Rheden Dhiba, Rovita Manik and me. As we travelled together and took photos in turn, they were made as a join collection as permission. ❤ No copyright has been violated. In total, we shared cost for 2300 NOK per person inclusive to personal shopping. 😉


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