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Royal Copenhagen

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A short break from travel posts, I had this beautiful image of Royal Copenhagen that I could not get off my head.

As far as I know, they have several line of products that they call elements. My favourite one so far is the blue elements. But having purple and black as my favourite colours, I just could not escape to be in love with these elements as well. Aside from being the most expensive daily utensils. They also set Christmas Edition and Easter Decorations. It is almost to the point of mesmerising these plates are. Yes, you got me right, they are just plates.

Of course I had no idea whatsoever on the existence of Royal Copenhagen before I moved to Copenhagen. In fact, I was only encountered with one when I started working for extra money as a cleaning lady in some rich Danes. I started to follow their Instagram account (@royalcopenhagen) and admire these beautiful ceramics from a distance.
What trouble me though, is the price of these plates. So, in one fine afternoon day, after I cleaned one of the apartment I  am working at, I took a sample of picture of some (far from being all) Royal Copenhagen there.

From the website I could find how much one of these bowl cost as well as the jug.

so in total they cost 4×54,90€+1×99,00€ = 318,60€.
OH MY GOD! They are bloody expensive!!!
And this family alone, as far as I could remember, has around 8 big bowls, 8 small bowls, 1 yellow jug, 1 big white jug, 1 small black jug, 12 big white plates, 12 small white plates/saucers…. and I have not even had the time to count the mugs and wide plates. These plates could literally send off people to college!
It’s a saddening fact to see it that way, to see how big the gap is between the rich and the poor in this world. Sigh.

But I have to admit, who does not want to enjoy having your meals served in such beauty?

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