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Lübeck, Germany

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My first impromptu visit to Lübeck was last Easter. I went to Hamburg during the long weekend just to find out that Germans close all stores, restaurants, shops, places, in-sum, all, during Easter. So, my friend and I decided to take a stroll to this city that’s just 45minutes drive from Hamburg.

Similar like Hamburg, it had nothing open. So we literally just took a stroll. Surprisingly, it was a nice-quiet-small city. I liked it. The ambience was peaceful, perfect for strolling on a cloudy early Spring day.

The corners of the city were just classic beauty.

It also had some canals surrounding it as Hamburg and Copenhagen, not as big, but enough to send a similar city vibe of a canal city.


We were lucky that we found a nice-cozy-slightly-crowded coffee shop on our way. And so I bought a delicious slice of cake and a cup of cappuccino to warm the day. A very modest way to celebrate Easter Day, but it was an unforgettable one. 🙂 We drove back to Hamburg late afternoon to catch dinner time there. I have to say, this small city, you should not miss. And I  am glad that we decided to go there.

Written by vallaura

September 21, 2016 at 12:02 AM

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