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This is a mean world we live in…

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And we all know that.

It shocked me that you people chose to take part of what made it mean. Yes. You know what I am talking about. It is about the break up story of Brangelina.

Frankly speaking, I am team Jen (anyone reading here is team Jen? high five!). But to hit all social media with an unpleasant news such as a breakup marriage is not an honoring act to do, even though it is involving Angeline Jolie.

Moreover, when you started to bring all the memes of Jen to the table. I mean… how could you? I don’t think Jen as a human being is that low, dancing on other’s people misery. And yes, again, even though it is involving Angelina Jolie. ¬†Anyway, I think she had moved on since hundreds years ago. And bringing her meme or using her as a meme to fan the fire of hatred is seriously sick. We are better people than this.

I am just so tired of people being insensitive and mean. I hope one day, they’ll get the karma out of this. Until then, hear what Sheldon has to say about Love.

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