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Stevns Klint

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Few weeks back, I organized a cykletur (or a biking tour in English) to a cliff area named Stevns Klint. We met at Copenhagen central st. with our bike and took the train to Køge. It was quite a long ride, ca. an hour. When we arrived at Køge, we started following google maps to the cliff area. Google estimated the trip will take 1,5h but it took us 2h to get there. 😉

We stopped at a rapseed field by the road and took hundreds of pictures. The field looked amazing!

After we arrived we went to see the old church and walked down the steep staircase to the water. In my opinion, Møns Klint looked far more beautiful than this place. It had whiter chalk cliff. But one just could not bike to Møns. So, we took what we could.

After another hundreds of pictures and some drone video, we cykled to a food place for dinner. We were dead hungry. Then we cykled back to Køge train st. We took the train to our destination. What a wonderful trip!

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