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Hill Top Trine, Giant No.2

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Bakketop Trine

Seeing one of Danbo’s giants made me feel like seeing all of them in an instance. But this girl giant called Trine is a bit tricky to find.

I found her after I visited Louis. They were 6km apart. I cycled south from Louis following the bike lane. In my opinion, the bike trip itself was great. Passing some parks, surrounded by greens and fresh air. Just nice. After making a left turn, I immediately saw her sitting on a small hill swarmed by little children.

It was an amazing sight. And she was huge. So me and my friend decided to be children for that day. We climbed up and rested on her palms, enjoying blue skies, sunshines and the breeze. What an amazing art, it was!

I could not visit another giant after Trine because I needed to go for dinner party. So, I guess the rest will be for next time.

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